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Dylan is an air traffic controller that observes the patterns of life. This helps him do his job at the workplace where he can see the flight plans with the accuracy of the scientist (or at least as it is presented), but soon things change dramatically … and even repeat themselves! While riding a bicycle at Grand Central in the morning, he noticed different people doing the same thing in the same order – ladies laughing, a person asking if he could help, a car horn, etc.
Simply the city’s ambience is something else? Moreover, he sees very similar patterns and in the train station – couples embracing, a pregnant woman, a group of students … and all these things happen at 2:22. No sooner, not later than this exact hour. Also, some bad things happen in the station; light bulbs and broken glasses.
Later, Dylan meets Sarah (Teresa Palmer), an art curator whose plane he was about to leave with, was about to collide with another when taking off. Later, Sarah’s jealous lover, Jonas (Sam Reid), puts a hologram that looks exactly like the image Dylan sees. Does Dylan lose his mind? What he sees is a mere coincidence? A story of a million? There are more problems out of this situation – and a crime that happened 30 years ago at Grand Central Station seems to be the main cause.

Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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