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31: Celebration of Death

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A man who describes himself as “Doom-Head” enters a room where there is a pastor named Victor and keeps his speech before the brutally kill. On 31 October a group of workers at the carnival are seen traveling in a caravan in a rural area before he stopped at a gas station where Roscoe, the driver group, meets a woman who flirts with him and make remarks ambiguous about the next destination.

With nightfall, the group sees many scarecrows that seem to wait in the road, but they turn out to be some men who attack them and kill most of them, leaving alive only Charly, Roscoe, Levon, Venus and Venus show manager, Panda. He is taken to a huge underground facility known as “Murderworld” (World Crimes) and wait there are three people dressed in aristocratic clothes that compels them to play a game called “31”.

They are handcuffed and wearing bangles numbered and then are told that during the 12 hours they have to wander through a set of rooms like a maze and escape some “hunters” who want to catch them and to murder by torture. The five wake up in different locations of the facility. As the hours pass and the game comes to an end, the three strange aristocrats continue to make bets on the chances of survival of each of the people who are still alive.

Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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