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A Dark Song

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Sophia (Catherine Walker) is a middle-aged English woman who mourns the death of her son who was killed at the age of only seven years by a group of teenagers who kidnapped him and sacrificed him in a satanic ritual within a worship. She rents a house in a rural area in Wales and hires the occultist Joseph Solomon (Steve Oram) to perform a long-lasting ritual that is supposed to have the ability to invoke someone’s Guardian Angel. Sophia’s main purpose is to invoke her guardian angel and ask her for help to get in touch and communicate with her son to take revenge on the murderers. However, she discovers that Solomon is a very temperamental type. Sophia quickly begins to feel frustrated when she feels that the extremely difficult ritual she performs does not give the expected results. This tension culminates in a confrontation in which Solomon falls accidentally into a large kitchen knife and suffers a severe wound. Sophia insists that Solomon go to a doctor to receive the medical care he needs, but he stubbornly asks none of them to leave until the ritual is complete. If they do not, then they will always be trapped in that house. With the passage of days, the wound suffered by Solomon becomes infected, and he dies in his sleep. Sophia tries to walk away because the car does not start, but she’s terrified of the discovery she’s made after a not too long distance.


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