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A Dog’s Purpose

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It’s a family comedy directed by Lasse Hallström, note that visitors is 7.0 and perhaps because contains a lot of drama. This drama comes from the fact that the animal is and the main character was tormented by what appears in some videos on Youtube. This film are inspired by the novel written by W. Bruce Cameron ‘dog, my friend “irony given that this dog was tortured in order to make our film. The film shows the fate of a dog decoded their masters learn to smile again and instill simply present a surge of joy. The narrator of this film is really wonderful four-legged through the voice of Josh Gad. Actor we are longer appeared in the film Britt Robertson, KJ Water, John Ortiz, Juliet stock Like Kirby and many others. I believe that you can follow if you ignore this film detail the dog who plays the title role was treated as simply a dog and suffered some injuries but otherwise everything seems ok. Enjoy!


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