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A Family Man

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Dane Jensen (Gerard Butler) is a successful Chicago recruiter working for the Blackridge Recruitment Human Resources Agency. His life unfolds after a typical one, trying to get as many favorable agreements as possible for his firm in a fierce competition with the other companies. At first, Jensen is very busy with his work, but at the same time tries to reconcile his personal life and be a family man present in his wife and boy’s life.
His head, Ed Blackridge (Willem Defoe), gives Jensen a promotion that would allow him to lead the entire company. But to be able to get this promotion, Jensen is forced to defeat an extremely ambitious rival named Lynn Wilson (Alison Brie) who boasts some outstanding figures. Jensen’s concentration on his work becomes a problem for the family because he has to spend more time working and less with his family.
His wife, Elise (Gretchen Mol), asks him to spend more time with them. Jensen is doing his best to spend time with his big boy, Ryan (Maxwell Jenkins), to prepare him to cope with adult life. Jensen realizes that Ryan is close to obesity and takes him to joggning the morning. Ryan is increasingly tired and starts bruising on his body, and later, when he is taken to the hospital, he gets a diagnosis of Cancer!

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