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The movie carries on its motion in Kuwait in August 1990 with the Indian businessman named Ranjit Katiyal who tries to start out a enterprise with the Emir of the State. Katiyal is an unscrupulous businessman who recoils at nothing to get revenue. He enjoys success and is properly linked in Kuwait and Iraq, having fun with a cheerful life along with his spouse and daughter Amrita Simu.

One evening, he receives information that Iraq attacked Kuwait. He explains that the 2 international locations there’s a very tense relationship: Iraq owes an enormous amount of cash demanded institution of Kuwait and Saddam from Kuwait to scale back the availability of oil for the value to rise. When Kuwait refused and remained defiant in opposition to Saddam, he ordered an assault in pressure. Now, Katiyal consider that this assault is only one minor, like many others spent between the 2 international locations.

However, he asks his spouse to take their daughter and depart London a couple of days till it should calm waters. Soon he discovers that Iraqi troopers took management of Kuwait and start to kill folks at random. Katiyal and Nair, the Indian his driver, go to the embassy of India to shelter. They are stopped by Iraqi troopers when Nair nervous and begins to talk in Arabic is shot useless. Katiyal manages to achieve the embassy and consul, a pal of his defined that the Kuwaiti authorities left, and his cash Kuwaitis at the moment are nugatory.

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