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Alice Through the Looking Glass

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Kingsleigh Alice (Mia Wasikowska) has spent the final three years taking it on his father’s footsteps to surf the seas tough. When he returns to London from China, she discovers that former fiancé, Hamis Ascot (Leo Bill), took management of the corporate her father and plans have a coerce Alice to promote the boat her father to allow them to household house. After a quarrel together with her mom on the topic, Alice pursues a butterfly which he acknowledges to be absolute returns via a mirror that makes to drop out of the sky in Wonderland.

Alice was met there by White Queen (Anne Hathaway), White Rabbit, Tweedles, Dormouse, Bayard and Cheshire Cat. They inform that Hightopp Tarrant (Johnny Depp) act crazier than regular as a result of it’s satisfied that his household remains to be alive. Alice visited him and tried to console him, however Hatter stay completely satisfied that his household survived the assault the day Jabberwocky. Believing that discovering Hatter’s household is the one method to alleviate the White Queen decides they put it on himself to seek the advice of with Alice Time (Sacha Baron Cohen).

The thought is that Alice to persuade him to permit him again in time to avoid wasting the household Hatter – one thing that no different resident of the Land of Wonders he can’t do as a result of it says that historical past shall be destroyed if somebody sees himself in final. Alice, nevertheless, just isn’t at risk as a result of it doesn’t have a model of the previous that was an unintended encounter in Wonderland. When you attain the palace Times, Alice discovers Chronosfera an object that provides your complete time in Wonderland and by which it could journey in time.


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