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Batman and Harley Quinn

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Batman and Nightwing discover that Poison Ivy and Floronic Man have joined together to do bad things together. Although I am not delighted at all, they decide to go looking for Harley Queen (Ivy’s best friend) to find out where the two are hiding; however, Harley has become unseen after being released conditionally and very hard to find.
Batman lets Harley find his way to Nightwing as he tries to get information from the ARGUS organization. At ARGUS’s headquarters, Batman finds that Ivi and Woodrue have stolen information about the birth of Swamp Thing and kidnapped a scientist which could help them to replicate the process and reduce the whole population to simple, lifeless plants, plants. Nightwing finds Harley working as a waiter at a restaurant.
By approaching her, Harley is very angry because she now wishes to live a normal life, but her past of criminals does not allow her to get the job she desires very much, that of a psychologist. Even so, Harley is convinced to come to their aid, and Batman traces the offenders. Harley leads them to Slaughter Swamp, Bludhaven, where Ivy is disappointed when she realizes that her trusted girlfriend now helps Batman. Woodrue and Ivy manage to flee and head to Louisiana where the chemicals they are looking for.

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