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Beast of Burden

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Sean Haggerty (Daniel Radcliffe), an intriguing character who is good at hiding things and lying on everyone, is the focus of the film’s events. He works as a pilot and, as part of his job, he crosses the border between America and Mexico very much, and because he is not satisfied with the earnings he gains from the pilot job, he has puzzled with dubious characters in drug cartels, these various drug loads.┬áHis smuggler activities do not remain unnoticed for a long time, and federal anti-drug agents take him to the collimator. After a time when he successfully transported more of the drug cartels, Sean decides that the time has come to give up his criminal activities and return to his wife who does not suspect anything. But it’s much easier to get into this kind of activity than to get out, and Sean will do this on his own skin when he has to carry a last load that will bring him a big amount of money … if he can escape with life after landing.


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