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Beauty and the Beast

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In the foreground we have the young Belle, young revolves around which all the action. She gives up freedom for her father, Maurice to receive freedom. She is taken captive in an enchanted castle by a beast basically trade places with her father. During his stay as a prisoner, she discovers that appearances can deceive and befriends a beast that captivate you. She notes deeper than what you can see at first glance, good heart and true to print only while it is aware of this, Gaston, a hunter in love and obsessed with her decide that his goal to be to kill the beast Belle to have it for himself.
Belle will be played by Amma Watson, Maurice, the young father will be played by Kevin Kline, Gaston, the hunter will be played by Luke Evans.
I think it’s a pretty interesting movie, describing it helps a lot and I guess there is no one who has not seen the drawings, so if you looked at the drawings, and I invite you to look at film.


Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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