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Berlin Syndrome

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Clare (Teresa Palmer) is a young tourist who is on a trip to Germany, taking pictures and exploring the shops. She meets a native named Andi (Max Riemelt) and decides to stay an extra night in Berlin with him, with whom she has an amorous adventure. But the next day when she wakes up alone in Andi’s apartment, she realizes that he left for work and locked her in the apartment without any intention of ever releasing her. Andi leads a seemingly normal life with a normal job and a good relationship with his father’s teacher. While Clare is locked in his apartment, Andi is dining with his father as if nothing had happened, and even tells him that he met a girl named Clare. When Andi returns and Andi leaves her shower, Clare discovers some blond hair that probably belongs to another woman who was imprisoned before her. Clare realizes how dangerous Andi is in reality, and when he leaves home again to go to work, she tries to find some tools to attack Andi when she returns home. One night, a student named Franka, whom Andi feels attracted to, appears to Clare and Andi tells him that he is his girlfriend to remove her. Meanwhile, Andi begins to take pictures of Clare in the most disturbing positions.


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