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The Brand New Testament

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God lives in an condo in Brussels which he shares along with his spouse and daughter subjected aged 10 years, She, to which it’s emotionally and bodily abusive. God is a sadist who created mankind grumpy simply to have somebody to torment. He manipulates actuality with a pc that his household just isn’t allowed to entry. One day, she sneaks into her father’s workplace and discovers the best way he treats folks.

This is what God offended as hell that a whipping along with his belt, and she or he decides to insurgent towards her father. Thus, she steals the important thing to his workplace and entry the database with each dying predestined individuals and make them public. Everybody in Brussels receives a textual content message informing it of the date on which it’s destined to die. She freezes the pc God and runs away.

Wandering the streets, she decides it takes the footsteps of Jesus and write a brand new will to lift the spirit of the human race. It elects six apostles who ten weirdest. When God is about his works She dreads. As everyone seems to be now conscious of the second of loss of life, God can now not torment folks by their worry of demise. Worse, having locked the pc, he lacks energy. For this purpose, he’s compelled to go away his condo for the primary time in my life and due to his unhealthy manners, he’s abused by everybody he encounters.

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