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Carnage Park

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In the again seat of a Chevrolet touring by way of the desert, a person screamed in ache and bleeding severely whereas the driving force asks him to face nonetheless. The driver panicked is Scorpio Joe (James Landry Hebert), whereas the person shot within the again seat is his pal and colleague of wrongdoing, Lenny (Michael Villar). It appears that they’ve within the trunk hostage traumatized named Vivian (Ashley Bell).

Scorpion Joe and Lenny have put in a theft over a small financial institution in a small city close by, and Vivian occurred to be within the mistaken place on the mistaken time, it eager to get a mortgage from the financial institution, nevertheless it got here to be taken hostage by robbers who need to be sure that they escape safely from this. What Joe doesn’t know is that to achieve by automotive on land owned by a mentally deranged serial killer.

Local sheriff goes to the landowner, Wyatt, to ask in regards to the latest disappearance of a number of individuals. Wyatt, who patrol their property as in the event that they reside in Area fifty one, is not going to enable the sheriff to enter and go searching. Subsequently, one courageous Vivian attain an enormous and desolate panorama, making an attempt to determine what was drawn. No matter the place you look or the place they attempt to conceal, Wyatt appears is in all places and waits patiently for a kill.


Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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