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Death Note: Light Up the New World

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Death Note is a notebook that guarantees its owner the power to kill only by simply writing that person’s name on his pages. Ten years after the events of the first film, Shinigami King, fascinated by Light Tagami’s actions in previous years, ordered that six death cards be sent to the people’s world and find Kira’s successor. Six deaths fall on Earth from heaven. One of them arrives in Russia in the possession of a Russian physicist named Alexey Ivanov. He learns something about the rules of use. Ivanov gets to use that notebook on a terminal block that whispered to his ear that he wants to die. After that, a movie with Light is presented and everyone finds out that Light is actually Kira and tells people who have the death cards to look for all the remaining books and to live like Kira. In 2016, while society is infected by cyber-terrorism, chain-wide murders across the planet make rumors spread as a new Kira has emerged. As a result of mass murders after 10 years of silence, the elite unit of Death Note Task Force is formed and headed by Tsukuru Mishima. The unit is assisted by Ryuzaki, L’s original successor (the one who inherits his DNA and supposedly his clone). In Shibuya, the unit manages to secure a death certificate during mass killings after the holder is killed by another death-book user.


Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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