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Dounia is a teenager who lives in a slum on the outskirts of Paris with her mother. She and her best friend, Maimouna, swindled to get money, stealing from stores and then resell goods on the streets or classmates. The two girls have a secret hideout in a local theater for dance auditions where noted. Djigui an inexperienced dancer, his attention Douniei. Someday, Maimouna is causing it to spit on, and she accepts it a run.

During school, Dounia must become a receptionist, but she revolts against the teacher who ridicule because he has no money. Dounia swore then that will earn more money than they could ever dream of her teacher and then drop out of school. A student largest school, Rebecca, it shows a video of a trip spent abroad and says he wants to go there to open a bar and enter the industry sex tourism is a growing constant.

Determined to be part of the team Rebecca Dounia one observes that giving drugs Samir and then chases it. Discovering where they hide drugs, steal it and lead them back to Rebecca, telling him that she would do better to sell drugs than he does. Impressed, Rebecca accepts it let her work for her. Rebecca gives the two sides more missions strange that they successfully meet and become increasingly popular.


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