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Malcolm Adekanmbi is a high school student in the final year old obsessed with hip hop and along with his friends, Jib and Diggy, he is a nerd frequently harassed by older kids from school. They all live in a neighborhood of Inglewood, called “The Bottoms.” Malcolm’s ultimate dream is to go to the Harverd, but in a meeting with his advisor, Mr. Bailey, his dreams are shattered. He considers his desire Malcolm as one arrogant and that his notes 10 is nothing.
Bailey then directs him to a man named Malcolm Austin Jacoby to support a college admissions interview. On the way home, bicycles Malcolm and his friends are close to being stolen and they end up in an area populated by drug traffickers. One of them, Dom, tells Malcolm to go a few blocks away to talk to a girl named Nakia and an invite to a party birthday.
Nakia says that only can be there and Malcolm. It gives news of Jib and Diggy who think it’s a good idea to go all. The three go to a nightclub where they keep spending, and there Dom and his men are attacked by a rival gang. Panicked, Dom hide behind the bar where Malcolm’s backpack and found some drugs enter there, plus his weapon. He urged Malcolm to run and not stop under any circumstances. Later, Malcolm is called and drugs are required, otherwise serious would happen.

Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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