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Michèle Leblanc is raped in her own residence by an attacker sporting a ski masks on his face. It fails, nevertheless, to beat this incident and to renew its lifetime. Michèle is the chief of a online game firm the place staff have both male or resent it are interested in it. Michèle feels emotionally indifferent from her son Vincent who submits his girlfriend Josie, a dominant lady and untrue, and lives in denial that her son is his.

Meanwhile, Michèle has an affair along with his pal and colleague Anna husband, Robert, and develops an erotic obsession to her new neighbor, Patrick – a banker married to a religious non secular lady named Rebecca. Over all these items, Michèle occurs to be the daughter of a serial killer who has lately filed request for parole from jail. Her mom, bearing resentment in opposition to due to his narcissism and lust for younger males dying after a coronary heart assault.

After the rape, Michèle is more and more suspicious in regards to the males in her life or entourage. At first she Kurt suspects, an worker who has at coronary heart too, when spreads a pc animation of a monster who rapes her. But then it dovedeşe that one other man within the firm, which had a ardour for her, is in control of that distribution animations, nevertheless it doesn’t show to be the rapist.


Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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