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Everybody Loves Somebody

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Clara (Karla Souza) is a Los Angeles doctor who enjoys success in her job, but not the same thing about success in love life. All her non-fulfillment comes to light when her parents, who live somewhere in Baja, decide to marry after 40 years of concubinage without papers. Clara is a woman with self-destructive tendencies from this point of view, often trying to sabotage the relationships of other people in her life, including her own parents.

She is determined to have only one night’s adventures, but she seems to have a fear of taking a serious commitment that is almost pathological. When she attends the ceremony of her parents in Mexico, she meets an older love of hers named Daniel (Jose Maria Yazpik). The latter seems to have broken his heart some years earlier when he went on a journey through the world.

Even so, there is still a spark of obvious love between the two, but Clara is also exploring a potential relationship with a resident of her medical office, Asher (Ben O’Toole), an Australian who seems to be on his feet Earth than Clara or Daniel together. But in spite of this, he gets caught up between the clairvoyance of the Clare and his uncertainty about choosing a person with whom to have a stable relationship and perhaps even set up a family with her.

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