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Fixeur film is a drama that is the fifth feature film written by Adrian Sitaru. It is a film that highlights the life of morality and investment balance and compromise. IMDB is encouraging to note the drama, this note is to (7.3). This film tells the life story of the character Radu, who is a professional intern at an office in Bucharest. It professes to Agence France Pressed. Radu is irreconcilable with the thought that it is a simple trainee so that he dreams of becoming a reporter. In his mad desire to grab a job as a reporter he come across a topic of great interest. Decides to write a story about a minor prostitute. He finally has the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities. But on his way to get the job gets done as long dreamed Radu is not as easy as he thinks he has to overcome some obstacles. Film marks vary between 5 and 9 saying that it depends on each of you what impact will.


Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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