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Forushande – The Salesman

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Emad and Rana are a married couple who work together in the industry of cinema and now have leading roles in the production of “Death of a Salesman” (Death of a merchant) by Arthur Miller – Emad plays Willy Loman and Rana plays Linda. Emad is an instructor at the school where pupils are appreciated jokes about him, tagging him as “merchant”. One night, their apartment starts to crumble and flee the building with other residents in the area.Desperate to find a new home, their colleague actor Babak I can get another apartment that has just been released by the tenant. One night, Rana stay home alone and goes to take a bath. When Emad returns, he finds the whole bathroom full of blood and wound disappeared. He hastens to reach the hospital thinking that might be there and is told to change the locks to the apartment.It becomes clear that Rana has not had an accident but fell victim to a perpetrator who broke into the house and attacked her. Emad is from neighbors that the old tenant of the apartment in question was a prostitute and had many conflicts with its customers. Rana returns home but is traumatized and unable to complain to the police. Because of injuries, Rana refuses to enter the bathroom and even on stage gives psychic and can not interpret. Although Rana figure does not remember the man who attacked her, Emad found some clues that could reveal the identity of the perpetrator.


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