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Freeheld is predicated on the Oscar-successful documentary. The movie with the identical title from 2007 tells the true story of Laurel Hester, a veteran of the Police Department in New Jersey who’s terminally unwell. This is a lesbian who has struggled with the entire system as a result of her pension to Stacie Andree obtain his associate. But it faces robust opposition from officers who refuse to offer them what’s theirs by proper.

Before these issues to come up, Laurel (Julianne Moore) retains hidden affinities at work and the connection with the a lot youthful Stacie (Ellen Page) is a pleasant one, however hidden from the world. Laurel leaves from Ocean County to discover a associate. She and Stacie begin a relationship, however the latter doesn’t know what job is Laurel. On the opposite hand, lengthy-time period companion of Laurel, Dane (Michael Shannon) has a secret crush on her for some time and may be very upset when he learns that his companion hid her sexual orientation as lengthy.

However, he’s actively concerned in his try Laurel and attempt to persuade their colleagues to help themselves. As quickly as the 2 girls formalize their relationship, they buys a home that may later turn into the topic of disputes with officers in Ocean County cussed. They barely have time to take pleasure in their relationship when their world is devastated by the information that Laurel is severely sick and has not lengthy to dwell.


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