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In response to a series of extreme natural disasters, an international commission puts into operation the Dutch Boy, a global climate-control satellite system. After Dutch Boy neutralizes a massive hurricane in Shanghai, project architect Jake Lawson is rebuked by a Senate sub-committee for starting the system without approval and being replaced by his brother Max who works for Secretary of State Leonard Dekkom. Three years later, a United Nations land unit stationed in Afghanistan finds a village that has been frozen with its inhabitants as well.
US President Andrew Palma calls an emergency committee where it is determined that the fault lies with a technical failure. After Max asks for a much more detailed investigation, Palma agrees to send someone to the International Space Station (ICSS), and Dekkom suggests it to be Jake. Meanwhile, an ICSS satellite engine stores data from the Afghanistan satellite in a box shortly before being ejected into space.
Max goes to Jake and tries to convince him to go back to the station to investigate the causes behind the disaster in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, a sharp rise in temperature in Hong Kong causes massive destruction in the city and is almost killing Cheng, his colleague and friend Max. Meanwhile, another satellite is crazy, and Tokyo is hit hard by a violent hailstorm. Back in Hong Kong, Cheng, who suspects that the satellites are defective, contacts Max as soon as he realizes that the signal is still lost to a satellite.

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