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Get Out

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A colorful man named Andre Hayworth is kidnapped while walking on the street at night. After a few months, a color photographer named Chris Washington and his Caucasian girlfriend, Rose Armitage, go to a weekend at the girl’s parents – neurosurgeon Dean and Missy psychiatrist. Chris is worried about the strange behavior of the villagers in his virgin parent’s villa, and Missy is invited to discuss his mother who was killed in a car accident when he was 11 years old that night . As she discusses, Missy hypnotizes Chris and sends her consciousness to a vacuum that Missy calls the “sunken place.” Chris wakes up the next morning and initially thinks it was just a nightmare, but later realizes that Missy hypnotized him to quit smoking. At the Armitage residence, some guests arrive at an annual meeting where several older Caucasian couples start to be interested in Chris. Chris gets anxious about this situation and tries to take a picture of one of the stranger’s strangers, and when he takes the picture, that person has a crisis that makes him no longer able to move, run Blood from his nose and then hysterically yell at Chris “Run!”. Dean tells him that the individual suffered a epileptic seizure, but Chris is not convinced of it. Chris and Rose are leaving the party for a little walk and, a little scared, Chris persuades her to leave both of them.


Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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