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Ghayal Once Again

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Young Ajay Mehra shot dead Balwant Rai, a man who had previously killed Ajay’s brother and then surrendered to cop Joe D’Souza. Ajay is sentenced to jail, and after serving his sentence he starts a reporter’s career at an independent newspaper, but at the same time acts as a lawyer to help police in cases where charges are hard to convict, especially where people are involved famous or influential in society.
Such a case involves Renu, a reporter who was drugged and raped by her boss, the media mogul Rajguru. When her case was masked by Rajguru’s men, Renu felt very unjust and committed suicide. Ajay intervenes in the situation and kidnaps Rajguru, and then gets some DNA samples from him. Rajguru is arrested and sentenced, and Ajay is declared a hero. However, Ajay still suffers from panic attacks because of his painful past, but Riya’s girlfriend, a psychiatrist, helps him overcome problems.
Joe D’Souza has now retired and became a social activist. Ajay often collaborates with him and helps him in his activities. Later, however, D’Souza is killed in a road accident in Panvel. The young blogger Zoya Saigal is shocked to discover that in reality Joe was shot dead. She filmed without realizing the respective murder committed by Kabir Raj Bansal, the son of a mogul named Raj Bansal.

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