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Golden Years

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A couple of retirees who have always been model citizens and have always respected the laws, Arthur (Hill) and Martha Goode (McKenna), live a quiet life in the suburbs and take care of their garden, socializing with friends. But the fate, the pension crisis, and a continuing refusal to accept the injustice of old age make Arthur and Martha venture into a life of crime. By refusing to let the loss of pensions not be taken seriously and accepting that their days will soon end, they decide to retaliate. The two begin to take back what belongs to them right and they decide to rob banks. With masks hiding their identities and shopping trolleys to carry the prey, they embark on an adventure across the country and rob all the banks that are coming in their way. All the press reports about these looting and the hypothesis that the perpetrators would be professional young people. The fame of veteran thieves is steadily rising as more and more banks fall prey. They’re about to be discovered after they rob a small country bank and later, after hiding their masks, they are invited by Stephen’s manager to a cup of tea. Soon, their drinking colleagues, Royston (Callow), Shirley (Stubbs) and Brian (Davis), whom I have known for some time, discover their identities and decide to join and they find it, which allows them to put they practice robberies even more daring than they have done so far.


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