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Constantine “Connie” Nikas (Robert Pattinson) and his troubled brother, Nick, are trying to steal 65,000 dollars from a bank. They seem to be successful with robbery, but things are not exactly what they would have wanted, and they have to run away. As they try to get home, they are stopped by two cops. Although Connie asks his brother to remain calm, Nick fails and panic, and then runs away and the police follow them. Nick is arrested, but Connie manages to avoid capturing him.
Angry and confused, Nick is imprisoned in Rikers Island, and Connie tries to get a bail on him using the money he stole. He is told that besides the money he already has, he has to add another ten thousand dollars to get Nick out. Connie tries to convince her girlfriend, Corey, to pay the money difference using her mother’s card, but her mother cancels her card before she can use it.
After a while, Connie learns through knowledge that Nick was taken to hospital after a violent strike with another prisoner. Connie is trying to take the opportunity to get Nick out of there, and his attempt is a successful one and the two are hiding in a stranger’s home in Queens. Everything seems to go ashore, but Connie soon realizes that the man he took out of the hospital is not his brother, but another prisoner who has been beaten and disfigured just what he had just been released.

Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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