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Half Girlfriend

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Madhav Jha (Arjun Kapoor) goes to the apartment where Riya Somani (Shraddha Kapoor) lived in Patna because the broker who helped Riya to rent the apartment asked him to go and take his belongings there because he left without leaving information about where it is going or what it does. Madhav embarked on a train with all of Riya’s things to take them to New Delhi’s home. On the train, he opens a box, and there he finds a phone with some shooting with him and her. Ryia taught Madhav to speak in English to make a speech before Bill Gates when he visits a school run by Madhav’s mother. When Riya asks Madhav to speak in English, the film’s events go in the past. In college, Madhav meets Riya Somani and helps her win a match. As a result, they both get together and play basketball every night. When Madhav tells friends about friendship with Riya, they, including his roommate, Shailesh (Vikrant Massey), encourage him to invite her to the city at a meeting. Later, he invites her to go to a movie and she accepts, but when she tries to get closer to her, Riya hesitates and removes him, asking them to stay friends. But while she is invited to her birthday, Madhav asks her what the nature of her relationship is, and Ryia tells her she’s not his girlfriend … but she may be half-loved.


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