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Jackie (Julie Benz) is an alcoholic who is trying to get out of this state and moves to Havenhurst, a New York apartment complex run by Eleanor Mudgett (Fionnula Flanagan) and her boyfriend, Ezra, who carries out maintenance Buildings when needed. Jackie is warned that as long as he stays in Havenhurst, he will not have to drink alcohol, otherwise he will be kicked out without any discussion. While she lives there, she begins to look for evidence of her girlfriend Danielle (Danielle Harris) who once lived in Havenhurst, but she has no idea that she was brutally murdered alongside her drug addicted lover at Shortly after receiving an escape order. She also meets some of the residents of the complex and somehow friends with Sarah (Belle Shouse), a girl living with adoptive parents Tammy and Wayne (Josh Stamberg), the latter being an abusive alcoholic. After a while, Jackie finds out about one of her neighbors, Paula, that she was killed because she returned to prostitution and reported it to a detective friend named Tim (Josh Stamberg). She later discovers an incomplete map that Danielle conceived before she died and Sarah gives Jackie to Jackie’s video camera that contains a film Jackie has developed. The map shows that this building in which she lives is much larger than it seems at first sight and has several secret rooms.


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