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Ishmael (Iko Uwais) is unknown who was found nearly dead and is in coma. Having been cared for a long time in hospital by nurse Ailin (Chelsea Islan), Ishmael awakens from a coma, but gets a near total amnesia. He begins to remember certain pieces of his past, including that he was kidnapped along with several orphans with whom he endured torture from a powerful mobster named Lee. This mob was used orphaned children to turn them into some real machines to kill with no remorse or feelings – which eventually led to the choice to betray the Ishmael and who drew the wrath of Lee. But until Lee (Sunny Pang) manages to escape from prison and start a series of murders, Ishmael spend time with Ailin and thinks betraying his boss and surrogate family was forgotten. Lee is not willing to go so easily over treason and put their best people whom he has available at this time to hunt and kill him Ishmael. Members of this group of assassins differ by surgical efficiency and stunning brutality. Ishmael must now confront and kill people with whom he grew up and where he trained to become the best in handling the stabbing, the fire or relying simply on physical skills outstanding, otherwise you will be killed himself .


Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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