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On the one hand, Heist presents an outdated gangster (Robert De Niro) who conduct enterprise with an iron hand and likes to personally supervise the torture and homicide of two petty thieves who sacked him. It owns a significant on line casino via which cash launderers by varied doubtful people. On the opposite hand, we’ve got the worker gangster, a on line casino croupier engaged on his named Vaughn (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

Vaughn goes by way of a nightmare as a result of his daughter is critically ailing and, if not handled is more likely to lose his life. The drawback is that Vaughn doesn’t have the funds for to proceed this remedy and, furthermore, he dangers being kicked out of the hospital. For this cause, he turns his consideration to his employer which asks to borrow the sum of 300 thousand dollars, solely due to a previous tense, it refuses rudely to borrow and is banished from his workplace .

The purpose for this response lies in the truth that a very long time in the past Vaughn was a assassin below his command gangster, however he determined to surrender this life for a household basis, which has agreed not too outdated. Desperate and no different resolution at hand, Vaughn is concerned in a plan hatched by a safety guard named Cox (Dave Bautista) as much as steal an enormous amount of cash from the protected gangster. Although handle to depart with the cash, theft takes an sudden flip and must hijack a bus to flee, however the gangster and the police are on their path.

Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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