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In Texas Wild West, a divorced father named Toby Howard (Chris Pine) and his ex-con brother Tanner (Ben Foster) give burglaries at a number of subsidiaries of banks Midlands fictitious Texas. They plan to offer extra small robberies throughout the next days. Although robberies are very nicely-deliberate wildlife Tanner’s brothers brings some dangers as well as they don’t want, what it annoys the end result Toby. It appears that their mom died not too long ago and their farm is near chapter.

Because of the debt, except they pay a sure sum of money within the coming days, the property can be repossessed by the financial institution. Toby is decided to repay money owed and, as was lately found oil on his land, plans to promote mining rights to have a quiet life together with his kids. Two Texas Rangers named Marcus Hamilton (Jeff Bridges) and Alberto Parker (Gil Birmingham) are despatched to catch the thieves.

Hamilton, who’s nearing retirement, instantly make a profile of the 2 on the mode of operation and personalities. Meanwhile, Tanner robbing one other financial institution when Toby, not figuring out why he does his brother awaited him in a close-by restaurant. After the third escape, the 2 main stolen cash from a on line casino in Oklahoma to be washed. They change cash into chips and Tanner play poker with them, managing to win and extra. Toby then goes tokens in return for checks issued by the financial institution he even robbed. Undetectable and betting cash as cowl, they return to Texas to multiply them.


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