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Alice Kinney (Reese Witherspoon) is the daughter of a film director named John who made some important movies on his life, but he lost his life a few years ago. As she prepares to celebrate 40 years of life, Alice is divorced from her husband, Austen, who preferred to stay in New York to see her musical career as Alice moved back home her father in Los Angeles, but took her and her two daughters, Isabel and Rosie, to be close to her mother, Lillian.
While in town with friends, Alice meets Harry, George and Teddy, three aspiring LA directors looking for potential producers for the success they have had with a short featured at a film festival that was received with criticism applause. In spite of their youth, they combine with Alice and her girlfriends, and she is almost sleeping with Harry, but he fails because of the drink.
The next morning, George discovers a room where John Kinney’s old scenes and his awards are, which makes him realize the history of Alice’s family. Alice takes the girls to school while Lillian gives the young men something to eat. She is so overwhelmed by the compliments they make to John’s films that she offers them the guest room of her home until they can reach their career goal.

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