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I Am Wrath

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In the midst of an unprecedented wave of crime in the history of Columbus, Ohio, Governor John Meserve (Patrick St. Espirit) is holding a press conference to present his efforts to reduce crime. When asked for protestors about a leadership he wishes to build, he promises to contracted the services of an independent firm to conduct a feasibility study. Abbie Hall (Amanda Schull) and her family are following the press conference and are delighted that the governor has mentioned the special work her mother, Vivian (Rebecca De Mornay), has done.
Vivian goes to the airport to take his spouse, Stanley (John Travolta), who returns from Orlando, Florida, where he hired a job interview. When they get to their car, they notice that one of the tires is broken. Before Stanley can fix it, a man approaches and asks for money. Stanley refuses politely, but another sneaks over his back and hits him in the head.
The first man stabbed Vivian and stole his wallet, and Stanley could only look at how individuals were running away. Police use Stanley’s description to identify and capture the perpetrators, especially the one who murdered Vivian. However, after he catches the murderer and Stanley confirms that he is the perpetrator, the police leave him free … Stanley gets angry at the top and finds out that the person’s name is Charlie, so he begins to watch him and take revenge on him.

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