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Ice Age: Collision Course

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Scrat in his relentless try to hide acorn, by chance prompts an deserted alien ship that leads him into house and unwittingly deflect the asteroid a number of main them to Earth. Meanwhile, Manny is apprehensive in regards to the marriage ceremony which can happen between Peaches and her fiancé Julian. Diego and his spouse Shira wish to begin a household, however their ferocious look tends to scare kids. Sid is dumped by girlfriend Francine even when it was making ready a wax spouse.

During the get together the marriage anniversary of Manny and Ellie, a few of asteroids collide with Earth and amongst members of the get together escapes the attention of a needle. Meanwhile, the underground cave, Buck goes again a dinosaur egg rightful proprietor after being stolen by a trio of dromaeosauridae appointed Gavin, Gertie and Roger. Buck discovers an historic pillar stone that took him to the floor the place it meets Manny and the remainder of the gang.

Buck explains to them that, in keeping with the inscription on the pillar, asteroids have induced some extinctions up to now and with a big asteroid continues to be near hitting Earth, he believes that the one place they might discover clues as to cease one 9 extinction is one by which the impression precedent as a result of in keeping with the identical doc, asterozii fall in the identical place each time. Gavin, Gertie hear their dialog and resolve to thwart as a result of they suppose it will likely be secure even when the asteroid will hit Earth as a result of they’ll fly and thus not solely will revenge on Buck, however will escape and all mammals, assuring them their supremacy on Earth.


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