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In a Valley of Violence

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A wanderer named Paul (Ethan Hawke) and his dog, Abbie heads to Mexico through the desert Wild West. They meet with a drunken priest (Burn Gorman) trying to reach the next town, Denton. The priest Paul gunpoint to steal his horse, but he puts his dog to attack and then takes his turn priest bullets and canister with water, continuing the journey. Researching the area, Paul decides to go through Denton to supply and reduce journey.

A local tavern, Paul meets with deputy sheriff Gilly Martin (James Ransone) who challenges him to a duel when Paul ignored his attempt to start a conversation and then he punches when trying to touch the dog . Gilly’s fiancee, Ellen (Karen Gillan), rushes to help him, and Paul moved to a hotel. The hotel’s owner, Mary-Anne (Taissa Farmiga), his sister Ellen, is delighted by the news that Paul Gilly hurt him and give him the best conditions in gratitude.

Later, Paul Sheriff Clyde Martin finds (John Travolta), none other than his father Gilly, waiting for him in the lobby. Sheriff Paul identifies as a former US Army soldier and asks him to leave town as quickly and not ever returning. Before Paul to start back on the road, Mary-Anne gives him a picture of her to remember. That night, Paul is found Gilly and his men who labeled him as a deserter and traitor, trying to kill him.

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