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The Incredible Jessica James

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Jessica (Jessica Williams) goes to a meeting with a boy she met with Tinder, and there she details the recent breakup she had with her boyfriend, Damon. Jessica is a woman who loves freedom and likes to be independent, working with more children as part of a theater project. Jessica’s best friend is Tasha (Noel Wells), and she sets a neve meeting with Boone (Chris O’Dowd). The meeting begins very badly because Jessica once again tells of the recent break-up, and Boone tells him in turn about the divorce of his wife. But the two of them go through this somewhat embarrassing situation and they spend the whole night together. Later, Jessica goes to her service where she meets the kids to do things together, but she keeps on dreaming at Damon all the while. Jessica and Boone agree to go together for a walk during which they both admit that they are obsessively watching their former partners on social networks. Later, they are willing to stop tracking the accounts of their former partners and track one another as a way to keep in touch and when they are away. From that moment on, the two of them start to get together more often and Jessica falls in love with Boone. Unfortunately, the situation that seems to become more and more beautiful for them is ruined when Jessica makes a breakthrough that affects her deeply.

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