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Liberty University professor Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) wakes up in a hospital room in Florence, Italy, with out longer keep in mind something spent the previous couple of days, however is suffering from visions of a scorched Earth. Dr. Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones), one of many physicians who caretaker, says he suffers from amnesia as a consequence of a gunshot wound to the top suffered. Another physician informs him that the police expects to place some questions.

Immediately, nevertheless, it proves that the alleged crime is definitely Vayentha (Ana Ularu), an murderer despatched to kill him, and that he shot the physician within the hospital foyer. Sienna helps Langdon to flee after which get to her residence. Among Langdon’s private results, he and Sienna are a projector clue that results in a billionaire named Bertrand Zobrist (Ben Foster), a geneticist who believes that rigorous measurements are wanted to scale back human inhabitants and cease the overpopulation of the planet.

He dedicated suicide after being pursued by armed authorities brokers. Langdon and Sienna finds that Zobrist created a virus which they named “Inferno” and has the potential to decimate human populations if launched. Meanwhile, they’ve been noticed so Vayentha and the World Health Organization making an attempt to make a raid on the house and compelled the 2 to flee once more. Langdon’s data a couple of sure e-book that impressed the creator of the virus and realizing in regards to the secret passages of Florence, enabling the 2 to comply with clues to assist them unravel the case.


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