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Juliet resides along with her boyfriend Lorenzo in Madrid, Spain, however intends to maneuver each in Portugal. Juliet has a daughter that, nevertheless, by no means noticed it and by no means spoke to her for over a decade, and when he meets by likelihood with my finest pal it since she was small, Beatriz, she finds out that Antia lives in Switzerland, having a satisfying life with husband and three kids. Overcome with the will to reconnect with Antia, it provides leaving for Portugal and strikes right into a home the place he grew the Antia.

It makes use of this resolution as a result of it’s the solely tackle that Antia is aware of about her mom. Anticipating a letter from his daughter and conscious that owes its explanations of the occasions that led to their separation, Juliet begins to put in writing in a journal and allow us to introduce the life story of her youth earlier than and after coming anti world.

In the 80s, Juliet knew him and was in love with the fisherman Xoan, then their story of affection resulted Antia. Since Xoan is a married man and baby occurred because of an affair, their love story couldn’t eat the way in which as they’d have appreciated, and their paths not often crossed. Finally, whereas he was fishing, a powerful storm and it begins Xoan killed. Years move, and Antia, now at 18, embarking on a journey of self-discovery and even needed to miss three months, it disappeared utterly.

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