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Justice League vs Teen Titans

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Justice League fights cursed Legion which consists of Lex Luthor, Solomon Grundy, Cheetah, Weather Wizard and Toymaster. After the Legion is defeated and captured, Weather Wizard runs, however is possessed by a creature like a shadow that seems to be supernatural demon Trigon whose nature permits it to harm Superman. Robin didn’t obey orders his father to drive civilians to a protected place, pondering that the Justice League may also help to struggle towards Trigon, however come to destroy every little thing and to permit Trigon’s escape.

To make the boy to work in groups, Batman sends Robin Teen Titans to affix. Trigon him Superman posedeaz─â whose unusual habits worries on Wonder Woman. Robin and Starfire chief meets with members of Raven, Beast Boy and Blue Beetle, however his lack of respect for others they create many dislikes. Blue Beetle and Robin combat till his swimsuit instinctively Blue Beetle makes use of an vitality blast that severely burned Robin.

Robin Raven heals, and later, after she thanks him saved my life, he asks a couple of unusual entity that noticed her when their minds have been related throughout the therapeutic course of; Raven, nonetheless, doesn’t wish to reply the query. Superman finds him and beat him brutally Atomic Skull, altering them on Wonder Woman and Batman. What the latter makes use of kryptonite to Superman annihilate him and his possession is found.



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