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It is a psychological thriller that has starring talented actress Halle Berry. It is not the first thriller, playing in Gothika.
The film tells the story of a mother who lives her life with her child and after several bad experiences waters seem to be linistes but not for long because one day, decides to take it out on her little boy in an amusement park but her son is kidnapped by mysterious men more. Follow the track with horsepower on board but without result. She goes to the police to file complaints but there are many children have disappeared lately as suspicious and she understands that stand in her power to save her son. Follow plenty of events and trials that she has to go, she struggles to remain in position to recover their son but at times I fear it could happen something overwhelms. Will she save her or will leave the boy overwhelmed by thoughts of the risk of falling into depression?
Do not forget that it is a thriller and anything is possible in a movie like this. Enjoy !


Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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