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Kuang shou

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A Hong Kong policeman sets the goal of destroying a gold smuggling carnage that covers fish transport. He has to do this with the Interior Ministry agency that suspects him of illegal practices. When he returns to work from a six-month suspension he received because he would have caused the death of a suspect who had opposed the arrest (the individual fell to the top), efficient policeman Cheng Sai Gau (Zhang Jin) continues the mission with those gold smugglers. At the top of operations is Jiang Gui Cheng (Shawn Yue), who used the former boss and his son in a creepy way. Jiang is now keen to locate Kui (Yasuaki Kurata), one of the biggest smugglers , who lives and works on a floating casino in untouched international waters. Things are even more complicated for Sai Gau when his partner A-de (Wu Yue) is taken hostage by Jiang and his gang, forcing Sai Gau to go over normal procedures to save him. To save A-the two must risk everything and go to that forbidden area where they have no jurisdiction, but not for themselves, but need to offer a prisoner in custody to the exchange, otherwise those who kidnap A-threaten to kill him.



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