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Lady Bird

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“Lady Bird” McPherson is a student in the last year at a Catholic high school in Sacramento in 2002. She lives with her parents with whom she does not have a very cordial relationship with her older brother who was adopted and her boyfriend. Her best friend is Julianne “Julie” Steffans. Lady Bird and Julie join the high school drama program where Lady meets a young man named Danny O’Neill.A romantic relationship develops between the two, and Lady Bird gets to know her parents during Thanksgiving dinner, giving up on spending this holiday with her own family. Their relationship is suddenly broken when Lady Bird discovers Danny kissing with another boy. At the insistence of her mother, she is engaged in a cafe where she meets a musician named Kyle Scheible, with whom she also begins a romantic relationship.Moreover, she starts to distance herself from her girlfriend Julie in favor of a more popular girl named Jenna Walton. When Jenna is admonished by Sarah Joan, the nun teacher Sarah Joan, because she wears too short a skirt, Jenna gets more involved with Lady Bird while vandalizing her car as revenge. Lady Bird tells Jenna that she lives at a specific address that actually belongs to Danny’s grandmother. She also decides to quit the theater program and meets again with Danny telling her that it has been hard for her to confess her sexual orientation.

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