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The Last Witch Hunter

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Kaulder (Vin Diesel) is a witch hunter who was cursed within the Middle Ages Witch Queen (Julie Engelbrecht) to everlasting life. Queen Witch deliberate to unleash a lethal plague to exterminate mankind, however Kaulder managed to cease. Before her obvious loss of life, Queen cursed him with immortality Kaulder revenge. 800 years later, nonetheless Kaulder out the killing witches for a corporation that goals to protect the truce between people and witches.

Ever because it was made immortal by Queen Witch, Kaulder is accompanied by a priest named “Dolan” whose primary goal is to maintain the chronology of his achievements Kaulder. The thirty sixth Dolan (Michael Caine) retires and one other Dolan selected to be his successor. However, the identical evening he dies in his sleep. While checking his residence, Kaulder and the thirty seventh Dolan (Elijah Wood) discovers traces of magic and infer that the thirty sixth Dolan was killed by a witch.

While on the lookout for the witch answerable for homicide, Kaulder reveals traces of historical black magic, final seen when he killed the Queen. Using the clues left behind by the thirty sixth Dolan, Kaluder goes to a bar owned by Chloe witch (Rose Leslie) to purchase a spell of reminiscences to have the ability to “bear in mind your personal demise.” When within the technique of reliving reminiscences, the witch who killed him on the thirty sixth Dolan bar seems and assaults them, after which set fireplace to him and Chloe assaults.

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