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Jane (Abbie Cornish) is a photographer who likes to postpone old and abandoned buildings as it seems to be a kind of epitaph of the former tenants and gets over a certain building that somehow attracts in an inexplicable way. When she raises her car in an attempt to avoid hitting an enigmatic girl in the middle of the street and then awakens with almost total amnesia – accentuated by an older brain wound – Jane’s world is over.

Jane’s increasingly confusing mental state constituted a new millstone in the marriage and so fragile he had with Alan (Diego Klattenhoff), but worse is the relationship with her daughter Alice (Lola Flanery) She put her to a hard test. Jane tries to recover by attending therapy sessions with psychologist Liam (Justin Long), telling her that her condition might actually stimulate some older memories she repressed.

After Jane discovers that she is in fact the owner of the house she had photographed and felt so attracted to, and that her uncle Patrick (Dermot Mulroney) took care of her for 25 years, she follows Liam’s advice And goes to visit his hometown. On the way, she stops at a local fair where she loses through the crowd, feeling a state of claustrophobia and disorientation, and when she gets to her destination, some paranormal events start to happen.


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