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The Lego Batman Movie

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Three years after he saved with LEGO Universe and Wyldstyle Emmet, Batman continues his fight against the criminals of Gotham City. During a mission that would restrain the Joker from destroying the city, Batman hurts his mortal enemy feelings by saying that it is not so important in his life as he believes, and Joker seek to destroy it. The next day, attending a gala Batman Bruce Wayne posture withdrawal occasioned by the rise Commissioner Gordon and his daughter, Barbara, to the position of Commissioner of the Gotham Police Department. He gets angry when Barbara announces its plans to restructure the police department of the city to be able to function without the help of Batman. Joker doth corrupt party along with other criminals of Gotham, but surrendered all police. Although aware that this means he is no longer relevant to the safety of the city, Baman his suspected rival that put something diabolical the way and decides to prevent it from reaching the Phantom Zone, the most important prison where the most dangerous criminals in the multiverse LEGO . While trying to plot a plan to steal the projector Phantom Zone by Superman, Alfred intervenes and advises him to first deal of Dick Grayson that Bruce took it without realizing as valet during the gala and then agrees to transform it into Robin. The two manage to recover Fortress of Solitude was in projector (Fortress of Solitude) before he enters Arkham Asylum and to use the Joker.


Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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