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Line Walker

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N inspector (Francis Ng) and Ding agent (Charmaine Sheh) are the highest two members of the Police Department and is on a mission to destroy a drug cartel that threatens to take over the whole metropolis. In a completely sudden approach, they obtain a mysterious message from an secret agent often known as “Blackjack” which no person knew something after he disappeared. The group is making an attempt to find Blackjack earlier than it is too late.

Paranoid chief of the drug cartel, Tung Ho Pak begins to suspect his personal folks foundry and examine violent charity earlier than discovering his empire to break down. Meanwhile, the top Ah Lam (Nick Cheung) and his proper hand, Siu Yeh (Louis Koo), collaborating in a really fierce inner wrestle of turning into crucial of their department. Later, it turns into clear that Lam is Blackjack and after studying this, Siu Yeh attempting to guard himself utilizing his id.

They handle to beat struggles and doubts of them, however ultimately Ah Lam will get to lose his life when ruthless Tung Ho Pak sends an murderer to kill him. Life inspector Qeste additionally put it in peril of varied aggressors and Ding is rescued by her godfather, Hei Foon Gor (Benz Hui), which is an secret agent who pretended to be a mobster legendary retired he needs to return metropolis underworld.


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