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The story begins with a tragic day in the life of the young couple formed by Nadine (Dree Hemingway) and Lewis (Lakeith Stanfield) who have just lost their chances of being parents because Nadine has a premature pregnancy and the baby dies. Nadine and Lewis try to ease their pain from home and go together on an island in the Bahamas where the girl’s family owns a property. She has an important past on that island and finds occasional consolation with a man named Roy (Robert Wisdom), who is like a father. Nadine also likes to swim in the ocean, with some impressive capabilities. Nadine is relatively easy to find the rhythm in this place and to recover emotionally, but not the same can be said about Lewis who fails to find his own mental balance. Relocation is hard to obtain, and breaks in their relationship are beginning to deepen more and more. Meanwhile, Myron (Sam Dillon) has difficulty doing the streets, so desperation pushes him into the clutches of a local mobster called Doughboy (Leonard Earle Howze), who is involved in live meat traffic. Doughboy tries to use the naive adolescent and make him help with his smuggling business, which Roy is trying to fight, and so Nadine and Lewis arrive without realizing themselves caught in this Fight against human trafficking.


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