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Maggie’s Plan

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Maggie Harden (Greta Gerwig), guiding a university of art and design, and decides that she wants to have a baby, so addressing an old college acquaintance, Guy Childers (Travis Fimmel) to donate his sperm. Later, she meets a man named John Harding (Ethan Hawke), a teacher married working on writing a book and after several conversations, I would like Maggie to read the first chapter and to his opinion about her. They use the book as an excuse to meet more often.

The day Maggie chose to perform the procedure alone, Guy comes home but looking sperm and offers to have sex with her, but she refuses. Once you give, however, a sample test Maggie is interrupted by John who’s ringing the doorbell and tells him that came to her to confess that he loves and that would be it father whom -ar bring Maggie world.

Three years later, Maggie has a daughter named Lilly and live with John. Maggie is often in a position to move into the background and professional goals dreams to devote more of her daughter and two stepchildren while John is more selfish and put him first. Lily wandering by chance she meets Guy who thinks at first that Lily is his daughter, but Maggie tells him that he is wrong because he met his husband about the same time and it is John’s daughter.


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