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The movie begins with a number of masked males who follow advanced on a financial institution theft. They are dressed as protagonists in a online game, having them bulletproof fits and masks terrifying cranium. Thieves are extraordinarily properly coordinated and are masters at utilizing expertise of their favor, as some audio system with prerecorded voices to not use their voices when speaking and cannot be acknowledged.

Soon be taught that that financial institution was owned by a vital and with energy n ume Hubert (Bruce Willis), who hides secrets and techniques there politicians or the enterprise worth bins. Of course the criminals who robbed the financial institution has plans extra lofty than these of the stealing some cash, one thing that reveals it instantly FBI agent Jonathan Montgomery (Christopher Meloni), helped by his colleagues Stockwell (Dave Bautista) and Wells (Adrian Grenier) and native police, Mims (Johnathon Schaech).

Mims occur to have a spouse who’s dying of most cancers and is close to dying, in order that his state of affairs may be very troublesome. However, even when he has many private issues head on, it helps to reveal the identification and goal Montgomery those that robbed and murdered financial institution supervisor in chilly blood, with none obvious motive. However, because the occasions and the investigation progresses, they get to find increasingly more clues to a conspiracy with hyperlinks excessive.


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