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Message from the King

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Jacob King travels from South Africa to Los Angeles to seek out his alien sister, Bianca. When he arrives, he is questioned by TSA agents about the reason for his visit to America, worried that he will remain in the country and will work illegally. King assures them that he is only on a short holiday and will go back to South Africa after five days. After going to a hotel, King goes to the last address where he knows that Bianca lived and Trish, her neighbor, tells her that she moved a few months ago after having had some problems.
King admits that he had a quarrel with his sister who made her leave South Africa, but they still kept in touch a few months ago. Not knowing where Bianca is, Trish gives King a bag of it with some of the goods he has and says the owner of the apartment where he lived would know where he is.
King goes to the owner’s house to ask him about Bianca, and he describes it as a party girl who was forced to take her husband’s son, Armand, after he left. He also tells King that Bianca has been unable to cope with the increasing number of bills, and the guy who runs a car wash in the area would have helped her move, only that the laundry in question is being run by some gangsters who claim they never saw the woman.

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